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This tea is handmade with hulled millet-size fresh shoots harvested from the tea trees with deep roots, which have grown by absorbing divine spirit and microelement during the spring equinox, which falls on March 20, when a windy weather in the blooming season is jealous of a touch of spring on the air. It has been classified as one of the super premium teas since Goryo Dynasty(935~1391) in Korea. It annual production is limited to 2~3kg because it is not only difficult to harvest and process the leaves, but also there is a concern on spoiling tea patch.
According toˇ®ShinNongShikKyung, A God's Guide to Agriculture & Food, the teas harvested on March 3 in lunar calender year are said to be the best. Among 24 solar terms, 'CheongMyong(April 5th)' is the season when a tea sprout and a tea leaf comes out. At this time, the leaves, which push out with the pure energy of the Earth in mist of alpine regions, are harvested and processed through being roasted and rubbed in an iron pot by the Master with 40-year-inherited experiences. It is the tea embodying the Master's whole mental energy. This tea is only one of its kind with a prestigious and profound scent, and a deep taste including delicately-flavored Five Tastes.
'Jak Seol' tea is named after the fact that, if the leaves are collected when their size is the same of sparrow's tongue(2~3 cm) for tea processing, the tea is most sweet-flavored and aromatic. It has been settle down as our nation tea sine Goryo Dynasty(935-1391). The tea is made with the leaves collected from 'JoGye' Mountain, one of the famous mountains in the south-west of the Korean Peninsula, before and after 'GokWoo' season(April 20), and handmande, with a tradotional tea processing method. It leads tea samplers to get charmed by scent, color and flavor.
It is produced by handmade-work of a traditional tea-processing method of 'GuJung GuPo (nine steaming nad drying processes)' with the tea leaves collected before and after steeping in water and dringking, whichi can lead to feel the delicacy and devotion of tea processing. All products use the raw materials, which have obtained the organic certification from Korea, the approval of US FDA and JAS(japanese organic certification.)